My back September 20, Miles – 15

My back is aching. I cant get comfortable in my seat. Its actually been stiff and hurting for a few days but this is bad. Its twitchy.

It’s nothing new I’ve had this since I was 20. When I strain it it sometimes spasms and when that happens it’s all over.

I stop in the town of Muscatine Iowa for some food. I hobble down main street too tight to stand up straight. I pass a chiropractor office. Well there’s a sign. I go in ‘Hi I’m Dave. I built…Do you take walk ins?

I explain to the young doctor(?) My problem and he goes to work. He stretches me really far and massaged a couple of places then smashes me down on the table a couple of times.

I’m done. I check into the only hotel downtown. The Merril. A brand new fancy business hotel. A get a good rate and a river view. Still it’s too fancy for this trip. All I need is a place to rest.

I lay on the bed the rest of the day icing down my back. I begin too think I cant finish this.


I’m doing my morning business at 7:30 am and six guys show up with beer
3rd shift workers at a nearby Nestles plant. Good guys just having after work fun.


The spillway above Muscutine
I went through the spillway. First time. The lock was getting maintenance and the water was high. The downriver side after going through.
Muscutine Iowa The docks, the park, the railroad, the road and then mainstreet

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