Storm’s a comin’ September 19. Miles – 23

I passed through two locks , Davenport and the others of the Quad Cities. The Davenport water front looked nice but I’m trying to make miles and a storm is coming.

In midafternoon the clouds were turning black in the northwest and wind picked up. I was forced to the Illinois shore by barge traffic moving back and forth across the river and had no real place to land. The wind increased and the storm came fast. I decide to make a dash to a narrow island and take cover on the leeward side. (Side sheltered from wind.) The sky was black and the wind roared as I sat in the boat nuzzled against the bank. The trees bent towards me and I think what if one of those big trees decide to fall over now. I’d be squished like a bug and know one would find me for days.

The drama lasts fifteen minutes and by days end I’m on a high beach with a warm sunset.

Building new bridge at Rock Island


Davenport Iowa
A swing bridge swung
Taking a break from rain and this dude comes flying down circles and launches boat in five minutes. I think from marina
I brought razors. Lol
Met this couple. They are headed to mobile Alabama for winter
Second storm came through all photos untouched


All good again

2 thoughts on “Storm’s a comin’ September 19. Miles – 23

  1. Barbara Plumley

    Dave, we’re the couple on the Ellie Jack going to Alabama. Been catching up on your blog. Sure hope your back can recover enough to take it just a bit easier and stop a little sooner each day. We’re waiting on lockage at LD 25. It’s still beautiful here. Wish you well in the bucket list plan. Hang ten😉 Shared your story on my Facebook.


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