Hi I’m Mike September 18, miles 15. Total miles – 348

I approach a town differently then in a car. I first have to be along the shore the town is on. Then find the pubic dock or boat ramp and tie up. You must be ready. There is no going back up stream more than 100 yards and then you gotta want it.

I tie up at Laclaire Iowa an anticipated stop. I walk up, always, away from the river and through the river park usually. Today no different.  Then cross the railroad tracks and the road along it and then up to main street

Coming up at the RR tracks today I recognize the Antique Archeology van from the show American Pickers. Cool. The reason I stopped here is to visit the shop that is the home base for the show.

I cross the tracks to take a picture of the van and notice the doors open and an old motorcycle inside. I see two people and they see me. I walk around the back and stand there until they look up. “Hi I’m Dave. I built a boat and I’m rowing it down the river.” The skinny guy looks me over then says “Hi I’m Mike.” “I’m Robbie” and both shake my hand. It’s Mike Wolfe and his brother from the tv show. Robbie asks what kind of boat and other questions genuinely interested. Mike asks about my orange box I carry as a wallet and asks where I’m from. “Philadelphia” “Oh I love Philadelphia man.” I reach for my camera and Robbie says lets take a selfie. I do it quick and snap two with my masterful selfie skills. Good or bad I dont want to bother them anymore.

They gave me 5 minutes of their time and they were obviously working out of the way of tourists. They could not have been more gracious and sincere. They both made my day.

Its not New York or LA were you can go unnoticed. He’s tv famous and lives in small town Iowa. I understand his being wary when I approached him. A college girl was just murdered in Iowa yesterday on a golf course by a crazy guy who didnt know her. I’m a guy who came from the river.

I go to the shop and to prove the show’s popularity there are at least 10 people in the shop the whole time I’m there. Talking, taking pictures,  posing outside.

I was ready to buy something small, if river related, but its it’s mostly souvenirs, stuff from the show and motorcycle stuff, which is what Mike is into. Still it would have been nice.

I left with a tshirt, some pics, and the pleasure of meeting two genuinely good guys.

River boat Twilight out of LaClaire. It goes up river. Passed me 3 times at least over last several days. This time only two on river and i got close and waved to the tourists. The Captain gave me a couple of toots from the steam whistle!
I lost both my pool noodle bumpers last night. Look for about a mile. Coming into laclaire i was close to shore and saw it. 13 miles away
Antique Archeology van
Mike Wolfe and brother Robbie
Antique Archeology
Wooden hull steam ship ‘Lone Star ‘. Buffalo Bill Museum


Slab of Laclaire ‘s famous Green Tree, largest recorded Rock Elm. Buffalo Bill museum

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