Can you come out of the tent for me September 17, miles – 25

The water is remarkably calm and the air still. It quickly warms up. I make good miles even though I waited an hour at a lock for a towboat (barge) to finish locking through. They took me after even though two more southbound towboat were waiting. Thanks guys.

I have trouble finding a camp for the night and it was getting late. I tried a public boat ramp in Albany but couldn’t get permission. Also an island but nothing even ok. I tried a private dock with 3 big campers on an open lot but no one home. I use my last resort a boat ramp at the end of a town by RR tracks.

Its isolated, mosquito infested and busy. I arrive as the sun set and eight teenagers show up and launch 2 boats while the girls spray repellent on their much too exposed skin. They also couldn’t believe what I was doing.

A boat came back from fishing and gave me 3 bottles of cold water and thought I’d be okay here. Another boat came and launched but were only testing a new prop.

My tent is up by the underbrush next to the river by some trees and it was dark by then and i figured id be okay.

The teens came back and left quickly. A couple of cars came into the parking lot and leave. A couple of trains come through blasting their horns where I have to cover my ears. Finally I fall asleep.

I think I hear a radio, then see carlights and they are on the tent. Balls. “Hello in the tent. Can you come out here.” Said a loud voice with authority.” “Sure.” “Comanche township police. What are you doing here?” Said the skinny 25 year old officer. “My name is Dave. I built that boat. I’m rowing down the river. ” That is now my line introduction to everyone now.

I explain I got stuck for a place to sleep and I will be gone at first light. “I don’t think that should be a problem.  I never had this situation before. It took me a while to even see your tent. Look we have some drug activity here but late on Monday night you should be ok. Do you have a cellphone?”

With that he apologized for waking me up and left me alone. That was at 2 am. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.


Couple of island rookeries. All trees dead from bird poop. Live cam setup
Swing bridge like the one that got hit 2 days ago


Eagle’s nest?


ADM corn processing plant. Over a mile long. David’s son and daughter in law work there


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