Rest and Recuperation September 21, zero miles

I wake up a little stiff and immediately decide to stay another night. After lots of lounging I take a walk to check on the boat and stretch out my back.

I also go to the Museum of Muscatine Industry. The Industry was buttons. Pearl buttons. They were made from mussel shells which once flourished along this stretch of river. A nice woman gave me a personal tour. I did not know any of this.

Back at the hotel for ice and rest. Then to the popular bar down the street for food and beer and a couple of minutes of live music.

I’m back in bed by 8:30 and I talk to my wife about maybe ending this thing if it doesn’t get better. If not maybe St Louis.

Most towns have plaques or markers showing high water from flood of 1993
What the hell is that thing
A mussel this big could be 100 years old. They are all gone now. Pearl Button industry


The Mississippi right out the window


It was inevitable. These two guys played ‘Proud Mary’ not Tina Turner but not bad.

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