Keithsville September 22, Miles – 27

Well rested and my back feeling so much better I left Muscutine and headed for Keithsville 27 miles away. That’s a long way for me. I recieved a message through Instagram from Justin, one of the 3rd shift guys I met on totem beach a couple of days ago. He invited me to a family house he has there on the river. It’s a little far for me but a good place to try for.

I made it to Keithsville but had bad communications with Justin so we did not hook up but set up at a camlground in town.

I walked into the one street town where they are having a fish fry. I noticed two loaded bicycles and recognized them from the hotel in Muscutine. We are traveling the same route, they on land and me on water.

I got a whole fried fish and fixings and sat and ate with the locals. Overhearing one loud conversation next to me a man explains to all how his father was so stubborn with doctors that he pulled six of his own teeth with pliers. He watched. Another guy added that someone in his family did the same thing. They all laughed. Well the fish was pretty good.

I got a real text from Justin and met him back at the river with his boat and family. He invited me back to his house for a shower and laundry and a place to stay. It is another gracious offer but I’m set up now and explain I’ll be asleep in a couple of hours. Yeah I turned him down. Probably not my best decision.

Muscutine and Merrill Hotel


Another ADM plant I think


Met this couple yesterday at the hotel. Now again in Keithsville. They are riding from Lacrosse Wisconsin to st louis on bicycles
Town fishfry!

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