“Southbound rowboat” September 14 – River Miles-10

With a nine o’clock late start I make a slow 7 miles to the lock at Dubuque Iowa. I call and told to wait by side for a northbound towboat. It’ll be an hour. I leave the marine radio on and listen. A second towboat north bound is coming. I stretch out and wait. As the first boat leaves it dicsusses with lockmaster about tying up and waiting for the southbound barge, which I can see upriver now, its here to help. “Can you move out to river Captain? I got a rowboat I’d like to move through before (barge name) passes.” Roger, lock 10, we will move out and make room for rowboat.”

I’m laughing out loud by myself and think too late to record it.

“Southbound rowboat you’re clear to make your way when you think its safe.”

I thanked the lock guys on the rail and on radio for getting me though. They thought nothing of it and offered me “safe trip”.

Finally through I suddenly feel tired and weak and my back hurts. I’m at the city of Dubuque and consider options. I haven’t had a day off since the start 14 days ago. I admit to myself I need to rest and recuperate so I stop at the public Port of Dubuque by 1 oclock. A hotel is right there. I’m done. Well see about tomorrow.

Towboat #1 finally making its way out of lock.
Pelicans and a fancy house
Long ridge of fancy houses.
Fancy boat. A lot of fancy around Dubuque
Waiting on the lock.


Port of Dubuque


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