Not join a club who would have me as a member September 13 River Miles- 27

I make 27 more miles and get to Mud Lake campground. That on top of the 32  days before I’m very pleased with my progress. I get out of the boat and my back is really stiff. I have to stretch to stand upright. There is a marina right next door but a big panel fence like an 8 foot wall forces me the hobble around. It looks nice and I think has a restaurant.

“Can I ask what your looking for?” A young guy in a truck asks as he’s leaving. “The restaurant.” “Yeah thats closed. Thought I would save you the walk.” He says giving me a suspicious look and kind of waits until I turn around. Granted Im scruffy and dirty but telling me im not welcome here…well that just chapped my ass!

In the morning I get up, walk over to the marina fence and promptly relieve myself on it. Better.

“Hey!” I hear as I zip up.  Is that your boat?” it’s a young park ranger, (everyone seems younger than me) and he tells me I can’t tie up at the boat ramp. I explain I came in late and the maria was not very friendly. Its all good and we are quickly talking about my trip. He has the look I sometimes see of someone living by the river who thinks “yeah Ive always wanted to it.”

We were joined by a friendly,  rough looking guy my age this time, who cant believe I’m doing it alone. I suspect not for physical reasons but he can’t understand how you can be alone all the time. He ends by telling me about two kyakers who came through. “I dont know they talked like a couple of college professors, if you know what I mean.”

Shell button machine
Guttenberg in the rear view which is my normal view.
Kayaker on beach. Did not meet him.
My map case
Cassville Wisconsin. Car ferry. I stopped nice town
Finley’s Landing Beach. Who knew?
Several bassboats launched from mud lake campground
Chris, designed this portable stove/fireplace. He cooked me two burgers and grilled veggies while he demonstrated it for me. Brightfire or… I’m unsure.

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