Illinois Beach Party September 15 River Miles- 17

I was back on the river by noon after spending 22 off of it. Except for two hot meals in the hotel, mostly laying in a clean bed. I feel better.

I arrived at a huge beach on an island in Illinois. Yes I reached Illinois when I hit Dubuque. Its 85 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and a Saturday. I don’t know how many beautiful summer days are left here but everyone knows its almost over and were out on their boats. Lots of boats going fast and lots of waves.

The beach is lined with power boats for a few hundred yards and I slide in down the end. I talk to a few people and sit in the shade of the boat with a shirt over my head. Its hot!

At sundown the beach clears out except for a group of 15 Iowa State alum who have a canopy tent with a big flat screen tv with big speakers. I set up my tent and climb in. They continue to party and I assume watch the game. Im a hundred yards away and the only one left on the beach. We never acknowledged each other.

The fun ends around 11 pm with lots of shouting as they load the pontoon boats. They are pretty loaded too. They shove off with pronoucements like “sit the eff down!” And “look for the effing bouy!” And “Shut the eff up!”

They turn around and come back because someone forgot something. With more shouting and and cursing they find it and shove back off and the whole find the effing bouy thing starts all over again.

I roll over, chuckle, and get some sleep.

50/50 they made it home that night.

Flood gates and wall Port of Dubuque
Looks like an original side wheel steam boat





It was baking hot to a sun wuss like me
Flat screen tv


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