Iowa September 10 river miles- 27

This was the morning I heard of Grace’s passing. I set out with a heavy heart but I have to keep moving on.

I am committed now to 25 miles a day. The weather is a perfect late summer day and forcast the same for at least 5 more days. At the same time a hurricane is bearing down on the Carolinas and i don’t know how that will affect me.

I made it to Iowa! My first new state south where I promptly lost phone service.(stupid T-Mobile)

I make 27 miles to a boat landing with a campground run by the us Army corps of engineers. The same organization that maintains the locks, dams and main channel.

Campers come by and ask questions curious about me and the boat. I talk about locks and dams and pleasure boat danger. They smile and nod not knowing really what im talking about. I realize they are RV campers and dont know the river and I’m talking like they they are also going down river. Most are impressed and some are weary of me but everyone is friendly.

For the first time this trip I realized I am seperate from the rest of normal society. I like it.


Many power plants along the way. This looks like a clean cloal plant. Thats a big pile of coal


Houseboats along the shore are common. I think many people use them like RVs


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