I hate the wind, mean dogs and Lynxville Wisconsin September 11, River Miles 27

I reach Lansing Iowa after 7 miles before breakfast. Im going to eat pancakes! I walk through town. First Restaurant closed. Second one closed. I ask a guy and he says I think they take turns opening. That one opens at 10:30. Its only 9:30 so I go to IGA market buy supplies and use their wifi to tell my wife I’m not dead. I still dont have phone service.

I wait outside the bar/restaurant until they open. I say I know what I want, pancakes! Oh we dont serve breakfast. Sigh. So I have a salad and sandwich.

Late in the day I go down and across a large windy,  wavy lake. I stop at a boat ramp and see a yellow building I recognize from research. A yellow hot dog stand next to the train tracks. Closed. Thats ok I walk around and take pictures when a dog comes out of the building next door. It growls and barks and makes me back up. I’m yelling stay or something when a woman comes out casually calls the dog, gives me smirk and gets in her car and drives away. I’m not a dog guy but I really don’t like mean or aggressive dogs but this womans smirk pissed me off. I’m tired from the lake , hungry, and a sad and angry about Grace. I’m glad she drove away.

Later eating dinner at a flooded boat ramp a man let loose his dog who roamed free sniffed everything and jumped in the water. It was a beautiful hunting dog of some sort and barely paid attention to me other than a sniff.

Why I don’t do selfies
Bridge at Lansing.
A lot of duckweed.
Erector bridge
The tiny hot dog stand. Lynxville
Wisconsin tracks
Trains trains all day all night


River has been rising the past few days
Camped at semi flooded boat lau


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