Don’t let me interrupt, September 9, river miles 20

Last night I slept at a private permanent campground. I met Gator and his friend, fishing on the dock, who gave me permission to camp then I watched them pull up a 6 pound flathead catfish and an 18 inch small mouth bass. They threw back the bass and were going to eat the catfish.

Asleep in my tent, which is set up in front of a unoccupied trailer by the dock, I was woken up by loud whispering. Within minutes the whisperers are engaged in vigorous intimate relations. It’s quiet and they are loud. I try to figure where they are. On a pontoon boat or on the small beach? I can’t see, my tent is zipped and I think it would be rude as a guest to stick my head out. The woman is quite vocal and loud in expressing herself and he just goes about his business. They continue for what seems a long time especially for sneaky outdoor sex. I  roll over and chuckle and wait for the show to end.

In the morning I find 2 empty and 1 full beer can on the beach only 75 feet away. A guy I chatted with the night before brings me a cup of coffee but I don’t tell him what I heard.

Arnaud Maldague from Belgium. He started on skis in artic Canada in January. Headed to tip of South America through by various means. Some people are just crazy.



Sunset at camp
Leaving lock. No passenger



Spent night in Lacrosse Wisconsin. Hotel, shower bed.


Large barge

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