Goodbye Lijun September 8, River Miles 12

So today was the day Lijun headed home. We make 5 miles to the town of Wabasha where Lijun can catch a bus to Minneapolis. But first. Pancakes! I havent eaten yet and look forward to pancakes. We walk through a riverfront farmers market and head into town looking for a diner. We ask two people who both say there is no place downtown for pancakes but there are coffeehouses. Sigh. I end up eating the world’s largest cinnamon bun and a delicious cup of coffee.  How can a quaint small town not have a cafe or diner but two hip coffee shops? What is happening to my America?

Off to Winona State University, where I actually have a freind who attended his undergrad here. We wait on campus near the bus stop and then she was gone.

Back on the river I did 7 more miles. Alone.


Charge the phone when and where you can



Two great churches in Winona
Creative use of pool noodles

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