Wabasha September 6, River miles – about 20

Wabasha the home of the National Eagle Center and the set of Grumpy Old Men. A movie my Dad loved.

Met a couple on a small pntoon boat going all the way. They told us they started from St Paul on Wednesday. I said we started there on Sunday! Lol. He said “Yeah but we’re cheating!” Pointing to his small engine.

I’m just busy and exhausted by days end.


a houseboat, a kayak and me.
This guy doing whole river. 3 or 4 days at time then month off.
Enjoying watermelon waiting for barge to pass through lock. The green is Duckweed not algae. It is the worlds smallest flowering plant. The flower is .3mm large.



Kayaker passing. We did not meet.


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