Sailing 27 river miles, 73.5 total

In the morning we has 8 inches of rain in the boat. That is after bailing 4 inches out the night before. We bailed and set out.

Reaching Lake Pepin, a 20 mile long lake, a strong wind was coming behind us for the first time due to the weird weather pattern. So we set sail. Yes it has a small small lug rig but I am reluctant to use it because I have only sailed four times in my life and my wife is not a strong swimmer and, well, I like her. We set sail and flew 10 miles down the lake. We were aiming for a campground  on small point near lake city but unsure exactly where. I decided to just aim for the end and I hit it perfectly. Unfortunately it was rocky and we hit pretty hard. Then the wind and waves pushed and pounded the boat against the shore. Lijun got out as I yelled and dragged the boat around the tip to the protected side where it was relatively calm. Lijun is a little shaken as I’m furious with myself for allowing that to happen when we realize the campground is back on the other side. We can’t get back it is to windy and the next several miles including where we are standing is all privately owned. Its getting late. Lijun walks down the shore to ask permission to camp or something. Not far she finds a nice couple at their house but they ask don’t camp there. Instead they tow the boat with us on their boat back around the windy point to the campground beach which is empty and protected from wind. Whew!

We set up our tent on a soft beach and watched the stars come out.

Almost a perfect day.

I’m still angry at myself






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