Its raining Day 4, River miles- 11, Total – 46.5

Its raining. The forecast is for severe thunderstorms with torrential rain for the afternoon and evening. We decide to get back on the river and try to make 11 miles before afternoon. No cab this morning and no Lyft. We can’t get a ride back to the marina so we walk a mile down hill back to the boat. I told my wife she’s officially a hobo as we carry our dry bags over our shoulders on the side of the road.

We know we have a little window of lighter rain before 2:00. I feel better after resting last night and we get out in the channel and move pretty quick. I’m really concerned about our lack of mileage. I’m hoping to do 4 or 5 miles an hour but we are only averaging about 2. Last night I ask my wife, “Are we too old to be doing this?” “We are not too old” she tried to reassure me.

Several pleasure boats are still on the water all heading up river. One guy slowed and asked us if we were OK. I guess seeing two people in a row boat on a rainy day concerned him. We thanked him and moved on laughing at ourselves. BTW he had a boat bigger than my house with a digy on the back almost as big as our boat.

Then a strom hit. Thunder lighting and torrential rain. We go to the side and wait it out. Then back out until it rained again. We finally made to our destination, an Indian casino complete with free marina. We tie up and get a room and watch it rain in torrents.









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