The long way home

The logistics of this trip were bad. I just could not figure a better way to do it. After a couple of days in New Orleans, Lijun flew home and I flew to St Louis via Dallas. I picked up my truck and trailer that I left in storage by the airport and headed south. I spent the night in Cape Girardeau Missouri and made it all the way to Venice the next day. I loaded my boat and spent the night near New Orleans.

The next day the trailer broke right away. This called for a repair in the Home Depot parking lot while day workers hung around looking for work. A few complimented the boat and on the way out I gave them a bin of my remaining supplies of tuna and rice and such.

On I went reaching Chattanooga, Tennessee before sunset. I really wanted to visit the battlefields of Chattanooga and Chickamauga but it was late. A famous part of the battle was Lookout Mountain. I could still do that so with the setting sun I drove up a mountain towing my boat.

I reached home the following night and left Little Joy in the street and had a great homecoming with my wife.

I survived another mid life adventure. I know it is selfish to do these trips when I could be doing other things but I am compelled to do them. For all the hardships on the river and my neglect at home it is all worth it. I do get great satisfaction and feeling of strength that I don’t otherwise get in normal life. I do not know how many more of these I got in me but I am grateful for what I’ve been able to do so far.

I fit right in with the other boats and trailers.
Venice Marina
Louisiana sunset
Yellowfin tuna
I arrived atop Lookout Mountain Tn at sunset just as the full moon was rising.
A battle was fought on the mountain, part of the bigger battle on Chattanooga.
After the battle it was popular for soldiers to get their photograph up here. You can find many on the internet. Pretty cool.
Tennessee River, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge.
Old man muscles

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