New Orleans recovery

I awoke in a comfortable bed in New Orleans but felt like I never really slept. We ate at the Ruby Slipper, a place famous for brunch. Though it had a full bar for those not recovered from the previous night’s fun or those wishing to start the party early, I skipped that and just had a ridiculous amount of pork on a buttermilk biscuit.

We spent two days walking along the river or wandering the French quarter taking time in between to let me lay down and rest in the hotel. Neither of us have ever been to New Orleans so we made sure we did some of the tourist things. Mostly I tried to take it easy.

The Mississippi complete with a body on the steps
Safer from the ships while land
Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral
Each one bigger than my hand
Ruby Slipper
Sandra Bullock’s house I think. Garden District
Bourbon Street Its smells like you would imagine it would
Even Lijun had a beer. Okay she held my second one while we listened to music.
Preservation Hall. First in line for the ‘at the door’ tickets
New Orleans was fun!

One thought on “New Orleans recovery

  1. Carrie Zito

    NOLA is a great city, but probably not the best “recovery” location. 😉 We had brunch at Ruby Slipper – amazing. And the Bloody Mary’s were great too.


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