It’s October Louisiana didn’t get the memo

It’s October 1st and 92 degrees by mid afternoon. Apparently Mississippi and Louisiana are unaware it’s been Fall now for 10 days now.

I made 50 miles for the day and I’m just 50 miles from Baton Rouge. 50 miles seems to be my makeable milage per day without completely exhausting myself. I’m thinking of trying to stay overnight in Baton Rouge just to get out of the heat. I’ll have to find a really safe place to leave Little joy though. There is not a single marina below Memphis where I know its safe. We’ll see.

It’s not always easy to stop on the banks.
Bridges are few below Memphis. Spaced about 70 to 100 miles apart. Small ferries operate though giving me a challenge once in a while.
John James Audubon bridge near Port Hudson Mississippi. Love the color and the design.

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