My day

6:25 – On the water with enough light to see. Eat two Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts? I lost all that weight and feel better not eating sugar. That stuff is crack.

7:05 – Sunrise. Dodge and dance with barge close enough to wave to the deckhands. Then not another barge or any boat for hours.

10:30 – Stop on beach. Eat canned chicken on a tortilla. Back on the river I dodge and dance with a couple of barges then nothing for hours.

11:07 – Dunk my hat and my neck buff in the river for first time.

14:29 – Begin to question why I’m am out here and what possibly made me think doing this was a good idea. Dunk my hat and buff.

15:00 Rest in the boat and eat peanut butter and jelly on tortilla. I make sure I stop and eat now. Especially protein. Seems to help with my energy.

17:30 – Stop on an island beach and set up camp. Stand naked knee deep in the river and think about jumping in just to cool off. Instead I pour bucket of water over myself. I avoid my face and ears and dangly bits. The water looks clean but its not and I just don’t want to risk getting sick.

19:20 – inside my tent before sunset. The mosquitoes come out around then. I do my 15 minute back stretch routine then use baby wipes to wash clean. Lay in the tent sweating and send texts or call my wife it there is a signal. There is not. Sleep by 21:00.

5:00 – wake up, moan, do my 15 minute back stretch routine.

6:25 – On the water with enough light to see.

Sometimes I like to get as close as I dare just for a little fun.
That ugly boat again
The moon is back

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