Another 50 miles

Pelicans! Finally. Since I started the trip I have only seen one single Pelican. Today a flock flew over for several minutes before landing along the shore. There must have been a hundred of them. In Minnesota I saw flocks almost every day. I love the large white wings against the blue sky. They may be the most graceful flyers I have ever seen. I hope this means I’ll see more.

I do see other birds everyday. A Blue Heron is a daily occurrence but I also see Canada geese, loads of Cormorants and flocks of some kind of heron flying high above. I also see Monarch butterflies once in a while. And not to leave out dragonflies. Three of four inches long they are around me all day.

The only camera I have is on my Samsung 8 phone. It is a pretty good camera up close and for some landscapes but not so good for wildlife.

I can’t resist a magical sunrise
The sun feels almost as hot reflected off the water.
Solar charger takes a while but it works.
Got a barge convoy
Sunsets are pretty good too.

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