Just keep rowing

Two guys in a small metal boat came over from fishing near the shore to talk. I must be a curious sight to some people. They both had gray beards and were wearing PFDs. (I was not wearing mine) In a slow southern drawl they asked questions. Yesterday two other guys came over to check me out but I could barely make out what they were saying. These two I understood completely. They came across as southern gentlemen. Not Col. Sanders but more like Atticus Finch. They were different then the good ol’ boys I usually meet in fishing boats. (not that there’s anything wrong with that) When they left one said ‘We are retired but maybe that’s something we could do when we get older.” and laughed. I liked them immediately.

The ugliest cruise boat on the river.
A crop duster kept coming around and disappearing below the trees. Yesterday one came right up behind me and buzzed me low and slow. Made my day.
Greenville Bridge, Mississippi
Gentlemen fishermen

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