Cape Girardeau, MO

I reached the town of Cape Girardeau after 30 miles. I seem to be making more miles faster now than on the upper river. The town is one of the few right on the river and convenient for me to stop. Most towns now are a mile or more away from the river. I stop at the boat ramp, walk through a large gate in the flood wall and head to main street. I walk into a cajun restaurant at 1 o’clock, the place almost empty, the hostess tries to seat me in a windowless area in the back. I look at myself. My sandy shoes, dirty pants, sweaty shirt and what’s that smell? Its me. Still I ask to sit by the front window where I charge my phone, use their wifi and they treat me very well.

Back on the river there are some fishermen on small, fast boats. They all ignore me until one comes up and dad asks what I’m up to and the son gives me two bottles of cold water and wishes me luck.

Water is important now. I carry 7 gallons and drink a gallon a day. Its in the low 90’s. I refilled two gallons while in town and always have it in mind where can I find it next.

Cape Girardeau Missouri is an old town and right on the river. To defend themselves against the river they have a 15 foot cement flood wall on top of a stone levee. I will see more of these as I go down the river. I realize they are necessary but I find them ugly and uninviting.
The wall is painted to look like stone blocks and has the history of the town in murals including a portrait of hometown son, Rush Limbaugh. The markings on the post are previous flood levels. The highest is from 2017. A close second the Great Flood of 1993
A flotilla of five loopers passed me today. Like a caravan of RVs. Loopers are circumnavigating the eastern U.S. They join the Mississippi from the Illinois river near Alton and leave at the Ohio and descend the Tennessee.
Passed under a pipeline
Assume aftermath of the big Spring flood. Camped on that sandy spot. Found a green channel buoy in that tangle mess.

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