Day 2 Sainte Genevieve 47 miles

I had heard of Sainte Genevieve while researching the trip and really wanted to stop and visit. Towards the end of the day I reached a shallow, narrow inlet my map indicated went to a boat ramp. I followed it in a quarter of a mile to the ramp. A thunderstorm was rumbling and flashing just north of me and I hoped to wait it out if it hit.

As I pulled up a guy in a ball cap approached me. “I saw you come in off the river and could not believe you were  in a rowboat out there!” He offered to take me into town about a mile away which I accepted. We drove through the small old town and stopped into the the Audubon Hotel which was hosting a small town fundraiser for the local hospital. Jeremy introduced me around and I ended up getting a room upstairs for the night and a cheese burger and beer for dinner. I felt a little guilty getting a room on the second night but I covered 47 miles and here I was. I walked around town and was asleep by 9. People offered to drive me back to the boat in the morning but I was out the door by 5:30 am and enjoyed the walk in the morning stillness the next day. 

Wind turbine blades. Trucks in Kansas carrying just one of these tried to kill me on my bike ride. Now they are stacked 6 to a barge still trying to kill me.
Cement factory

Oldest brick building west of the Mississippi. St Genevieve, Mo.

St Genevieve levee

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