New Orleans fly by

I am up and ready in the dark. An occasional barge passes as they did all night. I wait and eat pop tarts until sunrise, to give me a little better chance to see and be seen. The sun is out as I pass under the Hale Boggs bridge. There is no stopping today. I have to get past and below New Orleans by the end of the day.

My brother Curt is trying to arrange a photographer friend of his to take pictures of me as I pass the city. I tell him my expected time to be passing some landmarks and we stay in touch throughout the day. I have no photos of me on the river that’s not a selfie. I would really like some.

I reach the Huey Long Bridge, the first landmark, at 11:00, right on time. The second landmark, Audubon Park, is reached by noon. Still on schedule. Unfortunately no word from the photographer. I crossed the river there from West to East, holding my breath as I rowed as hard as I could squeezing in between the barges relentlessly go up and down the river.

There are people in the park enjoying their saturday, watching the river and looking at me. I wave. ‘BUWAHHH! BUWAHHH! A barge, which I thought was anchored was now moving along the bank. It honks at me even though I’m all the way over near the shore. I yell up unkind things to the bridge of the barge as it passes me and right in front of a group of 10 people now gathered to watch me get run over. I waved to them and continued on.

The photographer is not going to happen. I realize this when I reached the Crescent City Connection bridges and downtown New Orleans. I have to wait there for a few minutes as the paddle wheel boat ‘Natchez’ makes a Uturn right in front of me. I’m next to the river cruise ship ‘American Beauty’ and a uniformed officer is out on a balcony. “You guys passed me four times in the past two weeks!” I say to him. ‘Yep’. Was his only reply.

While I’m waiting I also called my brother. I tell him where I am. “I’m looking at a live webcam of the river.” He tells me. We each see the same barges and boats but he never does see me on camera. A screen shot of that would have been cool too.

I made my way slowly past the Riverfront. There is a plaza and a park for a half mile or so. Of course I can’t see anything except the highrise hotels or people who come over to the rail. As always the case on the river, I’m below everything. I am always at the lowest point of everything around me. I go close and slow and some people wave, some take pics and some just ignore me. I pass by the ‘Natchez’ now tied up to the pier as it plays ‘New York, New York’ on a steam whistle calliope.

Once around Algiers point the wind picked up and I put New Orleans behind me.

Why I waited for sunrise to start
Huey Long Bridge
These are new. Container ships! Almost twice the size of the other ships.
Do you think anyone see me down here?
Looking back at Crescent City Connection bridges
River walk Downtown New Orleans
Missiles now?
Just 81 miles to the end of the river.
A really great shaded campsite just south of NOLA

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