Back at it

The rest seems to have done me good. I have my wits about me again and had the brainpower to ask the hotel courtesy van to drive me back to my boat. The thing was the driver did not know how to get the two miles, over the only bridge to Mud Island, which is right over there. I ended up being the navigator using my phone GPS. I decided to be amused about it not wanting to start the next leg of the trip on a sour note.

The next leg is Memphis to Vicksburg Mississippi. About 300 river miles. I figure it should take me about six and a half days. I immediately think I should revise that estimate. On the river mid morning, I set out into a headwind. The strongest head wind yet. It kicks up some pretty choppy waves and I start to think I might not get anywhere.

The river at Memphis is wide and busy. The usual barges and towboats and a paddle wheel boat. I stay close to shore for miles until well clear of Memphis. At one point I round a bend and the waves were breaking with whitecaps. I went right at them and Little Joy would go up then land with a bang in the trough of the wave. I worried about being swamped but my little boat hung tough. This continued for at least a half hour, a few times I thought of stopping until whatever this was calmed down. Eventually I passed through it and looked back at the waves not really understanding what even caused it.

I think I only made thirty miles before stopping for the night. I’ll need to do better if I want to reach Vicksburg in seven days. There is really only one accessible town in the next 300 miles and that’s Helena Arkansas. I hope to reach that tomorrow.

Leaving Memphis
Studying maps
I can barely focus to read without glasses. A relatively new development.

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