Barge Day! September 29, Miles – 28

At the start of the day I go through Lock no 24 then Clarksville Missouri right after. There are people fishing along the bank and I ask if there is a store in town. A gas station on the other side of town. Someone offered to drive me there. It’s too early for a long stop so I move on.

I had a weird relationship with the barges today. Whenever they came we seemed to meet at a pinch in the river. Somewhere where two islands meet or the bank and an island narrow the passage to little more than the width of the channel. It happened at least 4 times. Its still safe but I have to go next to the shore and wait then battle the huge wakes and the disturbed water afterward. Barge traffic has definitely increased.

Other than Clarksville I do not pass another town and camp for the night on another sandbar.

My backup hat



Leaves begin to show change
A fancy fortress in a string of modest river summer houses


The barges at night come like terminator machines. You hear the low roar with a high whine of the engines then a spot light looking far down river with another light searching back and forth. You wait and hide until they pass.

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