Mark Twain you say… September 27, miles – 10

Hannibal Missouri is the boyhood town of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). If you go there and did not know, the town will kindly remind you. There is the Mark Twain dinette, Mark Twain Brewery and the Mark Twain Hotel. There is also the Becky Thatcher Diner, Finns Restaurant and a statue of Tom and Huck at the end of Main. Its low key and not gaudy. Just always present.

Of course, there is the original Mark Twain home. It’s very well done with a museum and preserved house on Hill street. Across from there is the original Becky Thatcher house (Laura Hawkins) and behind Twian’s house is Huck Finn’s house (Tom Blankinship and his father the town drunk) All well done and worth the visit if you are a fan. (I am).



Foggy start



Mark Twain’s boyhood home complete with white washed fence

Becky Thatcher house



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