Keokuk. September 25. Total miles – 479

So I’m taking a full day off the river. I have a convenient Super 8,  a chiropractor, and severe storms throughout the day. Severe around here means tornado warnings. Plus it’s no fun being in a small, open boat on a mighty river during a tornado. (I imagine)

You may have figured I’m not making the miles I hoped for. I was originally thinking 40 a day but I’m averaging only 20. It looks like I cant make the whole trip this year. My goal now is St Louis. Still 200 miles away.

Until the mid 1980’s this was the auto bridge over the river at Keokuk 
The lock a Keokuk. I go through first thing tomorrow 
Spillway for powerplant
Highest view yet
Mark Twain lived here for a couple of years. Just 50 miles from Hannibal Missouri

2 thoughts on “Keokuk. September 25. Total miles – 479

  1. Dee Haight

    Love reading your blogs!! Sorry to hear you are having back issues. I think your goal to make it to St. Lois is a great and admirable goal!! Stay safe David!!


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